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Warner and Swasey-2SC-25 M4500_ID-13975

Machine IDYearManufacturerModelControl
139751991Warner and Swasey2SC-25 M4500GE 1050

 DescriptionSpec Values
Capacity:Swing / Swing Over Cross Slide29" / 24.75"
 Maximum Turning Diameter / Maximum Turning Length18" / 20.05"
Spindle:Spindle Speeds19 - 856 RPM
 Spindle Bore / Bar Capacity / Nose10" / 10" / A2-11
 Main Motor (30 min / continuous)60 / 50 HP
Turret:Number of Positions12 Stations
Travels:X-Axis Travel (turret one & turret two)15.25" / 13.75""
 Z-Axis Travel (turret one & turret two)70.8125" / 68.625"
Rapids:Rapid Traverse (X / Z)125 / 250 IPM
 Feed Rate125 IPM
Dimensions:Floor Space (L x W x H)107" x 75" x 128"
 Weight (approx.)20,000 Lbs

 Equipped With
Additional Info.:24" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck
 Chip Conveyor
 Turret Tooling
 Power Chuck Wrench
 1/2 Ton Loading Crane

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