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Machine IDYearManufacturerModelControl
165642006SchutteWU-306LSiemens 840D

 DescriptionSpec Values
Capacity:Maximum Tool Diameter / Length / Weight13.8" / 8.66" / 550 Lbs
 Maximum Grinding Length (face)7.87"
 Maximum Grinding Length (face)7.87"
Travels:X-Axis Travel / Resolution / 590 IPM22.65" / 0.0001"
 Y-Axis Travel / Resolution / 590 IPM16.14" / 0.0001"
 Z-Axis Travel / Resolution / 384 IPM9.99" / 0.0001"
 A-Axis Rotation / Taper (Big Plus) / Resolution360° / ISO 40 / 0.001"
 C-Axis - Swivel Range+/- 252°
Work Head:Maximum Swing / Taper / Maximum Part Weight13.8" / 50 Taper / 55 Lbs
 Speeds0 - 3,000 RPM
Grinding Spindle:Maximum Wheel / Taper8" / 40 Taper Big Plus
 Speeds0 - 10,000 RPM
 Motor24 HP
Dimensions:Floor Space (L x W x H)102" x 61" x 90"
 Weight (approx)16,500 Lbs

 Equipped With
Additional Info.:Operating Only With Oil
 I-Grind v 31.1-1 Patch 65.24 With Step Editor
 Windows XP Operating System
Roughing:Flute From Solid, Raised Land Fluting, O.D. Tertiary, End Face Tertiary
Other Software:Full Radius Cutter, Commissioning, Side and Face
Finishing:Cylindrical Grinding, O.D. Finish, O.D. Tertiary, O.D. Corner End Finishing, Ball Gash
Drill Point:Facet Drill Point, Facet Point Tertiary, Rolled Drill Point, Conical Drill Point
Digitizing:End of Tool, O.D. Rotating, Lead / Helix / Shear, Multi Index, O.D. Stationary
 Two (2) Wheel Arbors
 Spindle Recently Rebuilt
Note: Central Coolant System Available at Additional Cost
 Coolant Chiller Available at Additional Cost
 Coolant Filtration System Available at Additional Cost

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