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Machine IDYearManufacturerModelControl
161712013DoosanNHM-5000Fanuc 31iB

 DescriptionSpec Values
 Pallet Size (2 Pallets)19.7" x 19.7"
 Pallet Indexing / Table Load360,000° / 1,764 Lbs
Travels:X-Axis Travel31.5"
 Y-Axis Travel27.6"
 Z-Axis Travel33.5"
Spindle:Spindle Speeds Minimum - Maximum50 - 6,000 RPM
 Spindle Taper50 Taper - Big Plus
 Main Motor (30 min / continuous)35 / 22 HP
Tool Changer:Tool Changer Positions90 ATC
 Tool Change Time (Tool-to-Tool / Chip-to-Chip)2 / 7 Sec.
Rapids:Rapid Traverse (X, Y & Z )1,181 IPM
 Feed Rate590 IPM
Dimensions:Floor Space (L x W x H)215" x 113" x 132"
 Weight (approx.)41,000 Lbs

 Equipped With
Additional Info.:Coolant Through Spindle (1,000 psi)
 Chip Conveyor
 Adaptive Feed RateControl
 Remote Jog Handle
 High Torque Geared Head
 Spindle Chiller
 Two (2) Tombstones With Chic Vises
 Renishaw Probe Ready
 Spindle Orientation
 Rigid Tapping
 Chip Augers
 Air Blast Through Spindle
 Remote Jog Handle
 Edge Location Feature
 Big Plus Spindle
 Ethernet Port
 Helical Interpolation
 Renishaw Tool Length Measurement System
 Custom Macro B
 AICC II (200 blocks)
 Coordinate System
 EZ Guide
 Thread Cut Synchronized Feed
 Chip Washdown

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