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Okuma-LU-3000 EX BB 2SC_ID-16047

Machine IDYearManufacturerModelControl
160472015OkumaLU-3000 EX BB 2SCOSP-P300L

 DescriptionSpec Values
Capacity:Swing / Swing Over Cross Slide22.84" / 23.63"
 Maximum Turning Diameter / Maximum Turning Length16.14" / 23.62"
 Distance Between Centers23.63"
Main Spindle:Spindle Speeds Minimum - Maximum42 - 4,200 RPM
 Spindle Bore / Bar Capacity / Nose3.58" / 3.188" / A2-8
 Main Motor (30 min / continuous)30 / 20 HP
Turret:Number of Positions12 + 8 Stations
Travels:X-Axis Travel10.24"
 Z-Axis Travel39.76"
Tailstock:Stroke of Body / Quill22" / 3.55"
 Quill Diameter / Taper4.72" / MT #5
Rapids:Rapid Traverse (X / Z )984 / 1,181 IPM
 Feed Rate (X & Z )0.04 - 497 IPM
Dimensions:Floor Space (L x W x H)116" x 80" x 84"
 Weight (approx)15,000 Lbs

 Equipped With
Additional Info.:10" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck Main, 6.5" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck Sub
 RS-232 Port
 Chip Conveyor
 Royal Collet Chucks For Both Spindles
 Parts Catcher
 IGF Conversational Progamming
 Touch Setter
 Four (4) Radial
 Five (5) Axial
 LNS Quick Load Servo S2 Bar Feed
 Large Selection of Bar Feed Pushers
 HI-G Control
 NC Turret
 Thermal Compensation
 Turret Postion Compensation
 Helical Cutting
 NC Torque Limiter
 Synchronous Tapping
 Cycle Time Reduction
 Cycle Time Calculation
 Lap 4
 User Task II
 Expanded Auto Chamfering
 Mac Man
 Spindle Orientation
 M-Axis Orientation
 Servo Link NC
 3D Animation
 Load Monitor
 Barfeed Interface
 Custom API
 Nose Radius B
 NC Work Monitor
 Tool Life Management
 Tool Wear Compensation

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