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Machine IDYearManufacturerModelControl
154122002HNKNT-16-20Fanuc 18TC

 DescriptionSpec Values
Capacity:Table Diameter / Maximum Swing78.7" / 78.7"
 Maximum Height Under Rail / Maximum Table Load63" / 17,600 Lbs
Spindle:Speeds0 - 250 RPM
 Motor60 / 50 HP
Head(s):Number of HeadsOne Ram With 12 ATC
 Ram Size / Ram Taper7.9" x 7.9" / 50 Taper
Travels:Ram Head - Vertical Travel / Cross Travel35.4" / 82.7"
 Vertical Travel of Rail Head29.5"
Feeds:Rapid Traverse393 IPM
 Feed Range.04 - 118 IPM
Dimensions:Floor Space (L x W x H)274” x 217” x 220”
 Weight (approx.)58,000 Lbs

 Equipped With
Additional Info.:63" 4-Jaw Chuck
 Chip Conveyor
 Mirror Image
 Chamfering On / Off
 Backlash Compensation
 Inch / Metric Conversion
 Linear Interpolation
 Circular Interpolation
 Custom Macro B
 Constant Surface Speed Control
 Background Editing
 80 Meters Part Program Storage
 RS-232 Port
 Remote Jog Handle

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